Stay focused and motivated!

Some women are of the excelling sort: they always know everything, get everything done on time and by the book. Honestly, most of us aren’t like that. But even us ordinary women want to feel like time has taught us something, that we’re an ever so slightly improved model of who we were ten years ago. Here are four simple things you can do, starting today, to feel a little more whole:

  1. Don’t think about your workout as you do it! Out for a walk or a run? Your trainer is kicking your butt at spin class? Don’t think about the next move or how many kilometers are still left to go. What should you think about instead? About your plans for tomorrow, that great meeting at work, or that movie you want to watch. You’ll be surprised just how much it’ll turn your nightmare of a workout to an inspirational one.
  2. Don’t work out alone: a group session or even just one workout partner can make the difference between boredom and despair to an interesting workout you can actually keep doing. Help each other achieve your goals and don’t give up on one another.
  3. Eat dark chocolate: less sugar, less calories, and still soothing and pleasurable. Plus, you’ll feel super sophisticated.
  4. Pay your bedtime the respect it deserves: at least three times a week, go to bed before 11pm, so you have a full night of at least six hours of sleep. Suddenly you’ll feel like you can stand the rest of the world.

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