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So for my latest getaway I brought along a few pieces from
Originating from Taiwan, the E-Heart brand was founded by actress and model Liu Yi Hsin.
Established in 2011, E-Heart products are 100% made in Taiwan. The brand has been awarded the prestigious MIT mark, ensuring the highest quality controls. 
Non-wired push-up bra U-back design in white
What I like about these sports bras are their simple design, support and material. 
They are made of Cool Touch Fabric Technology
which aids in moisture transport, moisture absorption and moisture drying.
It has anti-bacterial properties which kills door along with infection-causing bacteria & fungi!

Non-wired push-up bra X-back design in black
They have various designs and colours for you to chose from. 
and a bonus of their bras is that they give your cleavage a little boost ;) 

 Camisole with built in bra in grey
would be one of my favourites as it is very fitting and flattering
and the best part is that I can actually go braless ;D 
Sometimes wearing a bra daily can be a pain
so an alternative braless option is always a good idea. 
Loving the cross back design
which caused me to have a serious 'X' tanline
because I didn't spam enough sunscreen and went motorbiking for a good half of the day. 
At least my tanline kinda looks cool in my opinion 
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