Harvest Japan Yohmo Hair Tonic 200ml
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Harvest Japan Yohmo Hair Tonic 200ml

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Yohmo Tonic is made with a proprietary [Japanese] formula that is proven to effectively deep cleanse the scalp and hair follicles and replenish the roots with beneficial nutrients - preventing dull, dry hair and split ends, or unhealthy hair that breaks easily.

Keep your hair soft, smooth and shiny at all times. With less secretions from your scalp, enjoy easy-to-manage hair that feels great to the touch, and start smelling like bouquets all day long. Tested and Proven Formulation
Yohmo Tonic is formulated by the one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Japan, Sankyo Co. in the 1970s. This product was developed after 5 years of R&D, and stringent testing to produce a product that delivers the visible results consumers are looking for.

Quality Ingredients
The castor oil ingredient used is of the highest grade, and even the alcohol [Ethanol] sourced is of the highest grade and is never compromised to maintain the strict quality standards.

Manufacturing & Quality Controls
In 2005, Sankyo appointed UNION Chemical and Pharmaceutical as the main manufacturer for the Asian region. This move is made in an effort to maintain an affordable price point for all markets. Until today, the raw materials continue to come from the same source, and each batch is sent back to Japan for quality checks before releasing into the market..

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